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My Baldridge and Turrentine Ancestors

Ireland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Mississippi;
Switzerland, Scotland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina; Mississippi
    My 2-g-grandparents, parents of my maternal g-grandmother, Ella OSBORNE DAWKINS, were William W. and Mary Jane BALDRIDGE OSBORNE. 
     Mary Jane was born May 11, 1830 and married William Osborne on December 19, 1849, in Jefferson County, MS.   William Osborne's parents were John and Matilda Osborn of Claiborne County, MS.   Their known children were:

     John Osborne, d. 5/28/1864.
     Ella Osborne DAWKINS
[my g-grandmother]   See Dawkins Family Page
     Mary Osborne KING, b. February 9, 1851;  d. December 31, 1932 in Franklin County, MS, from complications of  heart disease; informant on death certificate was her daughter, Lizzie KING McCORMICK (second wife of Archie Smith McCORMICK) of Hamburg,  Franklin County,MS;  m. Samuel Reuter KING..  [From information shared by Willie King.]

     My 3 g-grandparents, Mary Jane Baldridge Osborne's parents, were James and Mary "Molly" STAMPLEY BALDRIDGE. 
    James was b. July 14, 1791 in Orange County, NC;   d.  November 27, 1831  in Jefferson County, MS.   He married Mary "Molly" STAMPLEY on June 12, 1806 in Jefferson County, MS.   Molly Stampley was born February 6, 1791 in Coles Creek, Jefferson County, MS and died January 8, 1838.  Her parents were John and Martha "Phoebe" CURTIS STAMPLEY. 
     They  had 12 children, all born in Jefferson County, MS:
     John Stampley Baldridge, b. May/1/1807;  m. Laminda A. Orr on 12/30/1838;  she was b. 4/30/1816; she d. 6/1/1876.  They had 9 children.
     Malcomb Baldridge, b. 9/23/1809, d. 9/1814.
     Emily S. Baldridge, b. 9/20/1810;  m. Barney Cross on 10/22/1829; he d. 1/12/1846.
     Elizabeth M. Baldridge, b. 1/17/1813;  d. 12/2/1838 in childbirth;  m. John Miles Fowlkes on 10/13/1837 in Jefferson Co., MS;  he was b. 11/12/1794;  he d. 5/16/1873.  They had one child, b. & d. 12/2/1838.
     Martha Ann Baldridge, 6/19/1815;  d. 1/21/1891;  m. (1) Jimmerson Liddell, 9/26/1836; he died 8/11/1856.  They had 9 children.  M. (2) Rev. Thomas Callihan Brown, 4/17/1858; he was b. 4/29/1800, he d. 1891.  They had 1 child.
     William F. Baldridge, b. 2/21/1817;  m. Angeline ___ ;  she was born in 1836;   This family was living in Franklin Co., MS in 1860.  They had 3 known children.
     Daniel J. Baldridge,  b. 12/13/1818;  d. 11/1/1867;  m. Sarah Ann Moore, 12/27/1846 in Jefferson Co., MS.  They had 4 known children. 
     Henretter S. Baldridge,  b. 3/5/1821.
     Pheby Baldridge, b. 1231/1822;  d. 9/11/1824.
     Samuel C. Baldridge, 12/25/1824; d. 5/6/1865.
     Absalom M. Baldridge, b. 10/13/1827;  d. 10/15/1830.
     Mary Jane Baldridge,  b. 5/11/1830;  m. William W. Osborne on 12/19/1849, Jefferson Co., MS.  They had 3 known children, but there were probably more.

    My 4-g-grandparents, Mary Jane's grandparents, were Francis and Elizabeth TURRENTINE BALDRIDGE, married about 1775 in Orange County, NC.   Francis Baldridge was born about 1751 in Lancaster County, PA and died between 1830 and 1840 in Jefferson County, MS; m. in 1775, Orange County, NC.  Francis and many of his Scotch-Irish neighbors probably belonged to the Little River Presbyterian Church when they lived in Orange County, NC.    Elizabeth Turrentine was born January 29, 1759, likely in western PA;  and died between 1830 and 1840 in Jefferson County, MS.   
    Francis Baldridge was a private in the North Carolina Continental Army and fought in the Revolutionary War.  For his services he was allowed 24 specie, plus interest of 1:1:8 that computed from the date he was discharged, a total of 25:1:8.
    Francis and Elizabeth  had 12 children:
Our Baldridge Forbears:  According to "Methodism in Mississippi," there were ten children in Francis' family, five boys and five girls, born between 1777 and 1801.  It's not clear whether the two who died in childhood were included in this count of ten or not; so this remains a tentative list.  There may well have been one or two who stayed behind in Orange County, NC or in middle Tennessee.  And it's not been proved that this Alex belonged in this family, nor has the identity of the two other daughter been established.]

      _____, b. 1777, in Orange County, NC
      John, b. February 8, 1780, Orange County, NC;  d. February 18, 1860 in Carroll County, MS; m. (1) Jane Owens, 9/20/1804, Jefferson Co., MS; she was  b. 9/1/1788; she d. 5/14/1830, Yazoo Co., MS.  They had 11 children.   M. (2), Nancy Cheek Marble, Grenada, MS, 6/1/1836; she was b. 12/28/1812, KY;  she d. 3/7/1908, Madison Co., MS.  They had 9 children.  John is buried in Enon Church Cemetery, south of Carrollton, MS
      Alexander, b. about 1782 in Orange County, NC;  veteran of the War of 1812 in MS.
      Mary, b. about 1784 in Orange County, NC; d. childhood.
      _____, (dau.) b. about 1786 in Orange County, NC.
      Deborah Spence, b. October 6, 1788 in Orange County, NC;  d. October 7, 1885 in Jefferson County, MS.;  m. John Clem Johnson, 12/24/1807, Jefferson Co., MS;  he was b. 8/19/1782, PA; he d. 9/30/1851, Jefferson Co., MS.   They  had 11 children.
      James, b. July 14, 1791 in Orange County, NC;  d. November 27, 1831 in Jefferson County, MS;  m. Mary "Molly" Stampley, she was b. 2/6/1791;  she d. 1/8/1838 in Jefferson County, MS.  They had 12 children.  
      Francis, b. about 1793 in Orange County, NC;  a private in Capt. Rob Twilley's Company, MS Territory Militia,  War of 1812.
      _____, (dau.) b. about 1795 in Orange County, NC.
      Daniel, b. about 1797;  m. (1), Sibbell W. Forman, 12/19/1822 in Jefferson Co., MS;  she was b. about 1800.  M. (2) , Harriet Atwood, March 15, 1832,  in Madison County, MS; she was b. 1815.  They had 6 children.
      Sarah Jane "Sally", b. about 1799;  d. after 1865 in Jefferson County, MS;  m. John J. Robertson,
12/13/ 1821 in Jefferson County, MS;  he was born 11/16/1787;  he d. before 1868.   They had 6 children.
      Samuel, b. about 1800; d. in childhood.

    My 5-g-grandparents were John and Rebekah CLARK BALDRIDGE.  John Baldridge was b. 11/11/1715 in Coleraine, Ulster Province, Ireland;  d.  bet. 7/15 & 7/31/1766 in Martic Township, Lancaster County, PA;  buried in Chestnut Level Presbyterian Graveyard, Lancaster Co., PA;  m. Rebekaa CLARK in 1733 in Londonderry, Ireland;  she was b. in ___, Ireland;  she d. in 1822 in Lincoln Co., NC [the date her will was probated].  They had 15-16 children.  Rebekah Clark Baldridge m. (2) Aaron Boggs, 5/19/1769, St. James Episcopal Church in Lancaster, PA.  They had 3 children.
    [Notes from
Our Baldridge Forbears:  John and Rebekah came to America in 1737 and settled in Martic Tp., Lancaster Co., PA.]

    My 6-g-grandparents were William and Janette HOLMES BALDRIGE.   William Baldridge was b. in 1689, in Tyrone, Ulster Prov., Ireland; d. 11/25/1772 in Little Britain Tp., Lancaster Co., PA.  He married Janette Holmes 6/16/1714, County Tyrone, Ireland;  she was b. 6/24/1694, County Down, Ireland; she d. 7/28/1768, Little Britain Tp., Lancaster Co., PA.  They had 6 known children.
   [Notes from "Our Baldridge Forbears":  William and Janette Baldrige came to America with all of their family, except John, in 1726 or so, on the
Queen Margaret.  It's believed they were a part of the Little Britain Congregation of the Presbyterian Church and that they are likely buried there.]
    William Baldrige was the son of Richard Baldrige, possibly of Wales.  Janette Holmes was possibly the daughter of James and Margaret Jane JENNINGS HOLMES.
Will of my 5-g-grandfather, John Baldridge
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Will Book B, Vol. 1, Page 448

    In the name of God Amen, this fifteenth day of July, 1766, Whereas I John Baldrige of Martick township and County of Lancaster being very weak and sickly in body; but in perfect mind and memory, thanks be to God, Therefore calling into mind the Mortality of my body and knowing that it is apointed for all men once to Die Doe make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, that is to say principally and first of all, I give and Recommend my Soul unto the Hands of God that give it; and for my body, I Recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian and Decent manner at the Descretion of my exicutors, nothing Doubting but at the general Resurection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such Worldly wealth wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life, I give and bequeath and Dispose of the Same in the following manner and form as follows viz:  Rebecca Baldrige is IMPRIMUS. First of all I allow ordain and appoint, after my Debts are paid, ten pounds to be levied out of my estate and paid unto my well beloved wife.  ITEM:  I also allow ordain and appoint fifteen pounds to be levied out of my estate and paid unto my well beloved son William Baldrige.  ITEM:  I allow and appoint thirty pounds of my estate to be Divided amongst my Children at the Discretion of my exicutors according as they see them Diserving.  ITEM:  I ordain apoint and allow the Remainder of my estate to be equally divided amongst my well beloved Wife and Children.  ITEM:  I allow my plantation not to be sold while my wife continues a Widow, except my exicutors sees it more proper to dispose of it before then.  ITEM:  I order allow and appoint that part of my fathers estate left to me to be equally Divided betwixt my wife and children.  ITEM:  I Nominate Constitute ordain and appoint my well beloved friends Michael Baldrige and Thomas Clark to be sole exicutors of this my last will and testament.  IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal, the Day and Year above written. 
Signed, Sealed, Acknowledged, and Declared in Presence of Us:
Edward McFarland
Ferguson McElwaine
John Baldridge  (Seal)
James Howe   

My 5-g-grandparents, Elizabeth Turrentine's parents, were Alexander and Deborah SPENCE (?) TURRENTINE.  Alexander was born in about 1725, probably in Ireland; fought in American Revolution; died 1784; buried in Turrentine Cemetery, in what is now Durham County (formerly Orange County), NC.  Deborah was born in about 1739; died 10/6/1799; buried in Turrentine Cemetery.     
     Their children were:

     My 4-g-grandmother, Elizabeth Turrentine Baldridge, was born 1/29/1759, probably in PA; died in Jefferson County, MS; married Francis Baldridge about 1775 in Orange County, NC.
     Martha Turrentine, b. 4/6/1761, probably NC; m. (1) John Moore, Jr., 2/12/1781; m. (2) James Baldridge
[son of Malcolm Baldridge, nephew of Francis Baldridge] ; James fought in American Revolution;  m. (3) Andrew McBroom, 2/1805; Andrew fought in American Revolution
     Samuel Turrentine, b. 8/3/1763, Orange County, NC; d. 11/10/1824, NC; m. Sarah Wilson, 12/7/1789
     Jean Turrentine, b. 4/4/1766, Orange County, NC; m. John Watson, 12/29/1799
     Daniel Turrentine, b. 11/4/1769, Orange County, NC; d. 1825, Orange County, NC; m. Elizabeth Steele, 1/13/1802
    Alexander Turrentine, b. 9/12/1772, Orange County, NC; d. 1808, Bedford County, TN
     James Turrentine, b. 7/26/1774, Orange County, NC; d. 1884, Bedford County, TN; m. Eleena Neely (Nelly), 2/17/1796
     Mary Turrentine, b. 3/17/1777; d. before 1799
Alexander Turrentine, my 5-g-grandfather, died intestate in Orange County, North Carolina in 1784.  In the County Court Minutes of November, 1784, appears the following inventory, spelling unchanged:

An Inventory of the Perishable Property of Alexander Turrentine, Decd.

4 Negroes
10 Horses
17 head of Cattle
8 head of Sheep
25 head of Hoggs
4 beds and furniture
2 Tables
16 Cheares
1 Chest
8 Pewter dishes
17 Pewter Plates
6 basons
3 Potts
3 Ploughs and Tacklings
3 Spining Wheels
1 Side Saddle
1 rifle Gunn
1 Loom and Tacklings
4 Axes
1 Tea Kittle
1 Sett of knives and forks
6 Pewter Spoons
2 Bibles
1 English Dictionary
2 Testaments
2 Sermon books
2 Spelling books
1 Shovle and tongs
1 Slate
1 Pepper box
1 Candle Stick and Snuffers
1 Nutmeg Grater
1 Razer and Strop
1 Log Chain
1 Sett of boxes for a Waggon
3 bridles
2 bottles
1 Tea Pott
1 Smoothing Iron
1 P. of Tailers Sheers
1 P. of Wool Sheers
3 Hoes
1 Spade
1 Coopers Howel
1 P. of Stilliards
1 Pitchfork
1 Confession of Faith 

A supplimental Inventory of the Estates given to Francis Baldridge when he Intermarried with Elizabeth:
1 Negro
1 Mare and Saddle
5 head Cattle
6 head of Sheep
6 head of Hoggs
1 bed and furniture
1 Chest
3 Pewter dishes
6 Pewter Plates
2 basons
1 Spining Wheel
1 bible
1 Sermon Book
1 Smoothing Iron
1 Hoe     

Orange County, 1784
The within Inventory was returned on Oath by Samuel Turrentine and Ordered to be Recorded;
Signed:  S. Benton
My 5-g-grandmother, Deborah Turrentine, died on October 6, 1799.  Her will is dated July 22, 1799 and recorded in Orange County, NC, Will Book D, pp. 4-5.  Witnesses to the will were all neighbors of the Turrentines and Francis Baldridge; Thomas Wilson, James Roark and William Roark.  Thomas Wilson was a longtime neighbor whose farm lay just to the east of the Turrentines.  The Roarks were, also, neighbors; believed to have arrived in the Little River area of Orange County about 1790.  In Deborah Turrentine's will she lists all of her children by name and gives to most of them among other things, five shillings:
     "my Daughter Elizabeth Baldridge"
     "my Daughter Martha Baldridge"
     "my Son Samuel Turrentine"
     "my Daughter Jean Watson"
     "my Son Daniel Turrentine"
     "my Son James Turrentine"                 
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