My Curtis and Courtney Families

Virginia, Maryland, North/South Carolina, Mississippi

    My 5-g-grandparents, were Richard and Phoebe COURTNEY CURTIS, Sr.  Richard Curtis was of Welsh descent.  H. Married (1) Martha "Phoebe" Courtney in about 1747, in Half Moon Swamp, Onslow County, NC; (2) Hannah SWAYZE, 1782, Cole's Creek, Jefferson County, MS.
     He was born 2/6/1727/28; at age 11, Baltimore, MD,1738, orphan; bound until age 21 to William and Hannah Curtis Courtney; William Cook died before 1739 Hannah married Robert Courtney on 10/2/1739; Richard was bound to Robert and Hannah Courtney until age 21.  He was in Onslow County, NC by 1747; 1754-1766, moved to Pee Dee, SC, to a Welsh community near the mouth of the Black River, about 60 miles north of Charleston, SC. 
     He fought in the American Revolution in SC; in 1780, fled his Tory neighbors.  He and family went by wagon to Holston River, TN.  They went by flatboats to the Natchez District of the Mississippi Territory, then under Spanish rule. There were 3 boats in the party.  In boats 1 & 2:  Richard Curtis, Sr., wife, two brothers, William and Benjamin Curtis, and their wives, Richard Curtis, Jr. and his wife, John Courtney and John Stampley and their wives,  John Jones and his wife and others.  In the 3rd boat were travelers who had joined the Curtis party.  They were attacked by Cherokee, all of the people in the 3rd boat were either killed or captured.
     They landed at Boyd's Creek (later renamed Cole's Creek) on March 1, 1781.  Richard Curtis, Sr., died on 11 20/1784, Cole's Creek, in what would later become Jefferson County, MS. 
     Children of Richard and Phoebe Curtis were:

     William, b. 1747, Onslow County, NC
     Hannah, b. 1751, Onslow County, NS; m. John Courtney, had 7 children; d. before 1820, Jefferson County, MS
     Benjamin, b. 1753, Onslow County, NC
     Richard, Jr., b. 5/29/1755, Onslow County, NC; married Martha "Patti" Jones about 1776 (Pattie died 1819 in MS);  in 1779 he was licensed by Welsh Neck Baptist Church, Pee Dee, SC;  arrived in MS with his family in 1781.  He was fully ordained in 1798 by the Welsh Neck Baptist Church, Pee Dee, SC; came back to MS and organized several churches; d. 10/28/1811, Jefferson County, MS.  For the exciting story of Richard Curtis, Jr.'s escape from the Spanish authories' relligious persecution, see my page: 
History of Protestanism in Mississippi
    My 4-g-grandmother, Martha "Phoebe" born in 1757, Half Moon Swamp, Onslow County, NC; married John STAMPLEY, 1775, SC; died about 1837 in Jefferson County, MS
     Robert, born 1758, Onslow County, NC
     Jemima, b. 1764, Pee Dee Valley, Craven County, SC; m. James COLE; d. 1837, Cow Bayou, Jefferson County, TX

    My 6-g-grandparents, parents of Phoebe Courtney CURTIS, were Robert and Abigail Courtney.  Robet Courtney was born about 1690 in New Castle, DE; married (1) Abigail, 1718, New Castle, DE; (2) Hannah COOK (widow of William Cook) on October 2, 1739, in Baltimore, MD.  no children from second marriage.
     In November, 1739, Baltimore, MD, orphan, Richard Curtis
[my 5-g-grandfather] bound to Robert and Hannah Courtney; moved to Onslow County, NC in 1744; d. April 2, 1751, Onslow County, NC.   
     Abigail ___ Courtney was born 1700, New Castle, DE; married Robert Courtney on March 27, 1739, St. George's Protestant Episcopal Church, Baltimore, MD.
     Children of Robert and Abigail Courtney were:

     Jonas, born 1718, New Castle, DE; married Comfort Cole; died before 1747, Half Moon Creek, Onslow County, NC
     Abigail, born 1719, New Castle, DE; died December 30, 1735, Baltimore, MD
     John, born 1722, New Castle, DE; married Frances Greenfield, 1739; in Onslow County, NC in 1748; Craven County, SC 1768-1774; died August 13, 1803, MS
     Robert, born 1724, New Castle, DE
     Jonathan, born 1728, New Castle, DE; married Mary ___, Onslow County, NC in 1751; in Craven County, SC in 1773; died after 1810
     My 5-g-grandmother, Phoebe, born 1732, Baltimore, MD; died 1781, Jefferson County, MS
     Rowland, born May 2, 1734, Baltimore, MD; in Onslow County, NC in 1751; in Craven County, SC in 1760; married Sarah ___ in 1763, Craven County, SC; they had 6 children, one of whom was James Courtney who was in the BGattle of Kings Mountain, NC in the Revolution War.         
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