My 5-g-grandparents were Jacob and Isabel Stampley.  Jacob was born August 9, 1700 in Zurich, Switzerland; he married Isabel ___ about 1720; died in 1754 in Zurich, Switzerland.  The names of their children, other than my 4-g-grandfather, John Stampley, are not known.

     My 4-g-grandparents were John and Martha "Phoebe" CURTIS STAMPLEY.  John Stampley was born in 1750 in Switzerland (probably Zurich).  Stampley is an Americanized version of the name; some say it may have been "Stauffley" and some say "Stampfli."  He immigrated to America in 1763 and he fought in the American Revolution in South Carolina.  He married Martha "Phoebe" Curtis in St. David's Parish, Craven County, South Carolin in 1775.  In 1780, they fled from Tory neighbors to the Natchez District of the Mississippi Territory, with Richard Curtis, Sr., Phoebe's father, and others.  To read more about the Stampleys and Curtis' in the early Mississippi Territory, see my page
History of Protestantism in Early Mississippi.
     In 1798, he was living in Cole's Creek, Jefferson County, MS.  In 1801 and 1802, he was president of the Legislative Council, Mississippi Territory; there is a monument to him at Jefferson College, Washington, MS.  He died on August 16, 1823 in Jefferson County, MS.  Phoebe was born in 1757, Half Moon Swamp, Onslow County, North Carolina and died about 1837 in Jefferson County, Mississippi.  John and Phoebe Stampley had 11 children:

     David Noll
     Sarah Sallie
     John Henry
     My 3-g-grandmother, Mary "Polly" born February 6, 1791, Jefferson County, MS;
                    died January 8, 1838
     Germina (Jemima?)

For more on Mary "Polly" Stampley Baldridge's descendants, see the Baldridge Family Page.
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