Will of Jacob Stampley
Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Died in Claiborne County, MS
(Brother of my 3-g-grandmother, Mary "Polly" Stampley Baldridge)
In the name of God, Amen:  I, Jacob Stampley, of the County of Claiborne and State of Mississippi, being of sound mind, but weak and feeble of body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die and being desirous of disposing of such worldly goods as I possess do make my last will and testament as follows, to wit; Imprimis:

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Stampley, one horse, and in consequence of an article of agreement made and entered into between myself and Elizabeth Black (who is now my wife, Elizabeth Stampley) previous to our marriage in which is specified that each of our heirs which we had by a former marriage, should enjoy all the property we respectively held or owned or should be made from our respective property as may be more fully seen by a reference to said articles.  I give her no more in her own right.

Item 2nd: I give and bequeath to Napoleon Alexander Black (the son of my wife Elizabeth) one negro girl named Milly to be by him held and owned during his natural life and to his heirs forever.  Except the said Napoleon A. Black should die without a lawful heir from his body and in that case the said Milly and her increase (if any) shall be returned or revert to my heirs James H., William C. and Solomon B. Stampley to be equally divided amongst them.

Item 3rd: In consequence of the property which I have heretofore given to my sons, John I., Jacob E., William C., and Solomon B. Stampley and to my daughters, Martha, Rhoda, and Susanna, I leave them no part of the property which I may die possessed of as they have already received a fair proportion of my estate except that to my daughter Martha R., I give and bequeath my large family bible.

Item 4: I give and bequeath to my son James H. Stampley my negro man Jack and a negro girl, Siliva, also, one yoke of oxen which he has at present in his possession and two cows with their calves.

Item 5: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary Ursula, one negro girl named Celia and one other negro girl named Lucy.

Item 6: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Nancy Caroline, one negro woman named Dinah and one negro girl named Nancy.

Item 7: I give and bequeath to the lawful heirs of the body of my daughter Sarah M. and for her use during her natural life one negro woman named Linda and her child, Sarah, and a negro girl named Rhoda and I do hereby appoint my son, John I. Stampley, a guardian to said heirs to apply the aforesaid property agreeable to the true interest and meaning of this my will.

Item 8: I give and bequeath to my sons and minor heirs David I., Isaac S., and Samuel P. Stampley, one negro man named Dick, one woman named Sarah and her children, Letty, Charlotte, Charles and Susey, and one negro boy named Jim and one negro woman named Suckey, also, all my stock of horses, cattle and hogs (not otherwise disposed of) and my household and kitchen furniture, I give and bequeath to my minor heirs above named, my tract of land lying on James Creek, in the County of Claiborne on which I at present reside, which shall be optional with my executor hereinafter named to sell at any time after the first day of January One Thousand eight hundred and twenty nine, and to lay out the proceeds of such sale in any other property that in his opinion may be to the interest of said minor heirs, or to sell any part or portion of said land at any time before the date above specified if it might be required for the payment of my debts.  The present crop on the ground it is my desire, shall be appointed to the payment of my debts, and if there should be anything remaining of the proceeds of the present crop after paying my debts, it is my will that it should be equally divided amongst my heirs excepting the minor heirs above named.  It is further my will and desire that if one of the minor heirs above named should die without a lawful heir, the other two should divide this portion equally between the survivors, and if two of them should die without lawful heirs, it is my will and desire that the surviving heir shall take the portion of one of them and the portion of the other that should die shall be equally divided amongst the rest of my heirs.

Item 9: I do hereby appoint my son, Soloman B. Stampley, the executor of this my last will and testament, and I do also appoint him guardian of my minor heirs, David I., Isaac S., and Samuel P. Stampley.

Given under my hand and seal this 2nd day of June One thousand eight hundred and twenty six.

Jacob Stampley       (Seal)

Signed and sealed in presence of
Thomas Grafton      (Seal)
John I. Stampley
A. Penquite
Abram Maberry

Truly recorded, Wm. Davis, Regr.


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