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The Ancestors and Descendants of my
G-Grandfather, Stephen Walter Dawkins
England/Virginia/North Carolina/Mississippi
The site of Stephen and Ella's home, Perth, Jefferson Co., MS
Stephen Walter and Ella Osborne Dawkins
Tombstone of Stephen Walter Dawkins,
Union Church Presbyterian Cemetery, Jefferson County, MS
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My mother was the oldest daughter in her family and, after her parents' move to neighboring Franklin County, she, more than any of the other children, remained close to her Dawkins grandparents.  She would go back to stay with them many times during the year and sometimes would stay for almost the entire summer during school vacations.  She loved them dearly and had many warm meories of time spent with them.
My g-grandfather, Stephen Walter Dawkins, was born on December 3, 1850 in Richmond County, North Carolina.  He traveled alone from Richmond County to Jefferson County, Mississippi in about 1870.  Other of my family lines migrated from Richmond to Jefferson County, as well (Carmichael; McCormick), but I don't know of any association between these families.  Many North and South Carolina families migrated to the newly opening territory of Mississippi at about the same time, not only relatives, but friends and neighbors, in some cases traveling together; in some cases, coming based on the correspondence of their friends already settled there.
   Stephen married Ella OSBORNE in about 1875, in Jefferson County. Ella was born on March 10, 1856, in Waterproof, Louisiana.  Ella's parents were William M. and Mary Jane BALDRIDGE OSBORNE.  Mary Jane Osborne was born on May 11, 1830 and died on March 17, 1905.  William and Mary Jane are buried in Jefferson County, Mississippi.
   Stephen died on August 22, 1921; Ella died on March 17, 1932.  They are both buried in Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson County, Mississippi.  Stephen and Ella had eight children.
   According to Dawkins researchers who have done much more work on this line than I have, the original immigrant in this family was Richard Dawkins, born about 1700, in England. Richard would have been my 5-g-grandfather.  To my knowledge, no one has been able to find Richard's birthplace in England.
   My 3-g-grandfather (Stephen's grandfather), John Dawkins, was a soldier in the American Revolution.  According to "Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant" Applications, ("Pension Papers- Vol 167", 33961, 1944, pages 43 & 44, at the DAR Library in Washington, DC---copied from the Pension papers on microfilm at the National Archives):
   John Dawkins, Rank: Pri. Inf. and Cav., North Carolina Militia.  He applied for a pension in 1833, at the age of 83.  Information on application is as follows: 

"Served under Captain Speed and Col. Medlock in Mounted Militia against the Indians for three months.  After his return, he served three months under Col. Crawford.  Later he was drafted out of Captain Speed's company to go to Sullivan's Island, but he hired a substitute, John Long.  He served other tours, but cannot remember them definitely.  He was a Minute Man all during the War.  Signed: John (X) Dawkins.
         Martin D. Crawford, Clerk of Court, deposed that the court approved or believed his statements.  John McAlister, deposed that he saw John Dawkins in service under Captain Wall.  John Dawkins deposed that he was born in 1750 in Virginia; when an infant, moved to Randolph County, North Carolina, thence to Richmond County, North Carolina.
         Refers to John McAlister, Waller Leak, Lt. William Crawford, M. D. Crawford and others.  Claim is allowed."

In April, 1853, John's widow, Susannah Barber Dawkins, filed an application for pension.  Information on application is as follows:
"John Dawkins was born in 1750 in Virginia and, when an infant, was moved to Randolph County, North Carolina; then moved to Richmond County, North Carolina and was living there at the time of his enlistment and at the time of application for pension.  Widow, Susannah Barbar Dawkins, applied April 18, 1853, in Richmond Couty.  An Asa Dawkins stated that he had the family of record of John Dawkins but did not state his relationship to him.  A Nancy Barber and a Sarah Dawkins stated that they were at the wedding of John and Susanah Dawkins, but no relationship was stated."  [Asa Dawkins was John's son; Nancy Barber was his step-daughter; Sarah Dawkins was his sister.]  
John Dawkins is listed on the North Carolina Pension Roll, page 108:
"John Dawkins; Pri. Inf. and Cav.; NC Militia; Sum issued: $67.50"         
Stephen's Ancestors:

  RICHARD DAWKINS was born in England in about 1700, in England.  His known sons were: 
        Richard...............(my g-g-g-g-grandfather)

    RICHARD DAWKINS was born about 1725, in Virginia (some say Berkley County), and died about 1787, in Richmond County, North Carolina.  He lived in Virginia until about 1750 and then moved to Rowan County, North Carolina. (Rowan County was later moved to make way for Randolph County.)  Richard was listed on the 1761 North Carolina Taxpayers list for Rowan County.  His widow, whose identity is uncertain, moved to Richmond County, North Carolina in about 1763.  She married Henry Adcock about 1765 in Richmond County; she died in 1787.  Henry Adcock, in his will, dated 1802, listed Sarah Dawkins as a step-daughter.
   His children were:
       George, born about 1740; married Jane McKeachey..
       Samuel, born about 1746; died in 1823.
       William, born about 1749; died in 1800, in Georgia.
       Sarah, married Tillotson O'BRIEN.
       John, born in 1750; married 1) Agnes O'BRIEN  2) Susannah BARBER...............(my g-g-g-grandfather)

    JOHN DAWKINS was born in 1750, in Virginia; soldier in Revolutionary War in NC Militia; died in Richmond County, North Carolina October 29, 1837.  He married first, Agnes O'Brien.  Their children were:
        John, Jr.; born in Richmond County, NC; married Elizabeth CHANCE.
        Samuel, born in 1785, in Richmond County; married Jane ___; died February 1, 1851.
        Agnes, born in Richmond County; married ___ O'BRIEN.
        Frances, born in 1775, in Richmond County; married ___SURGINOR.
        Nancy, born on May 20, 1781, in Richmond County; married Sandifer LOVIN.
        Mary, born in 1795, in Rockingham, NC; married William GIBSON.
     He next married Susannah BARBER.  Their children were:
         Jean, born on November 30, 1798, in Rockingham, NC.
         Richard, born in 1801, in Rockingham; married Nancy LOVIN.
         Jane, born in 1805, in Rockingham; married John SURGINOR.
         Elias "Eli", born on October 22, 1806, in Rockingham; married Mary "Polly" TERRY.
         Allen J., born in 1808, in Rockingham; married Mary ___...................................(my g-g-grandfather)
         Susan, born in 1812, in Rockingham; married Bennett WALTERS.
         Arron "Asa", born in 1818, in Rockingham; married Margaret CURRIE.
         Elizabeth "Eliza", born in 1821, in Rockingham; married Willy BOUNDS.

      ALLEN DAWKINS was born in Rockingham, NC in 1808; died November 7, 1897, in Rockingham, NC.  He married Mary ___; she was born about 1823.   Their children were:
         Julia H., born about 1843, in Rockingham.
         Abner, born about 1845, in Rockingham.
         Mary Jane, born about 1846, in Rockingham.
         Stephen Walter, born December 3, 1850, in Rockingham; died August 22, 1921, Jefferson
            County, MS; buried in Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson County, MS.............(my g-grandfather)
         Susan, born about 1855.
         Martha, born about 1859.
Stephen and Ella's Children:

Stephen Fairly Dawkins was born on July 15, 1876; died on December 31, 1962.  He married Hattie Erwin who died on June 12, 1944.  They are buried in Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson County, MS.

   Ada Mae Dawkins (my grandmother) was born on August 23, 1878; died on January 25, 1937.  She married Edgar Josiah Garrett; they had ten children.  Ada and Edgar are both buried in Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson County, MS.

   Ernest Eugene Dawkins was born on November 7, 1883; died on December 16, 1913.  He married Flora Garrett.  They are both buried in Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson County, MS.

   Denon William Dawkins

   Twins:  Mary Vinonia (Mamie) and Martha Dawkins; born in 1889; Mamie died in 1977.  Mamie married George Ralph Smith, who was born in 1890 and died in 1951.  They are buried in Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson County, MS.

   Edwin Dawkins