Old New Orleans Advertisements
Page Four
Ad for Soule's Business College, 1885
Ad for Daily Picayune Newspaper:   "The Daily Picayune is a real newspaper.  No
expense is spared in producing it.  It's telegraphic service is unsurpassed.  Its
news gatherers cover all places of interest.  Its mechanical appliances are modern.  
Daily, including Sunday, $12 per year.   The Sunday Picayune is a household
treasure of news, information and literature, illustrated and tastefully presented, $2
per year.   The Weekly Picayune is peerless as a country family newspaper and
literary journal, no home in the south should be without it, $1 per year.
French Opera brand spices, 1920's
Armstrong Tires, 1946
Genuine Creole Gumbo File, 1930's
Rex Spices, 1930's
Tennis ClubTea, New Orleans Import Co.
Genuine Creole Seasoning,
New Orleans Import Co.
Tokay Tea, 1930's
Blue Label Tea,
New Orleans Import Co.
Lafayette Hotel, 1950's
Monogram Wines, bottled by
A. Bologna & Co., 1950's
Big-Point Pickles, Adam Bros. Co.
Myles Salt Co.
Longwood Plantation's Cane Syrup, 1930's
S. Kuhn, 1920's
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