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Old New Orleans Advertisements
Page Six

Perfume Made from Flowers
in the Land of Flowers

Put up in handsome glass stopper bottles
50 cts, 75 cts, $1.00 and $2.00.
Demand them of your druggist or send the
money to us and we will send them
prepaid.  Sample of above and 11 other
specialties sent to any address on receipt
of 20 cts in stamps.

Doussan French Perfumer Co.
46 Chartres Street, New Orleans, La.
Products of Ames Laboratory, New Orleans, before 1920.
Jacobs Candy Company, New Orleans, early 1900's.
Keller-Zander, Inc. - "The fashion center for men's and women's apparel
appreciates your interest and anticipates serving you in the near future," 1940's.
Mephisto Brand Cooking Molasses, 1906
Feldman's Original Antique Emporium, 325 Royal Street, 1930's
Elmer's Candy Co.
Ad on the left was printed during WWI: "We are sorry that
you cannot have all the Elmer's Chocolates you want this
season.  But you will be glad to know that hundreds of
thousands of pounds of Elmer's are going abroad for the
boys in the trenches.  When the war is over, you can then
have plenty of Elmer's Chocolates made in old New
Orleans, the home of good things."  Ad in center is ca.
1953 and ad on right is from 1949.
Left, Jung Hotel, 1940's;
above, Hotel De Soto, 1917
French Opera Spices
Joseph Broussard, of Broussard's Restaurant,
strikes a pose in an ad for Sunkist Lemons, 1960.
Lucky Penny:  Diamond
Jim Moran's - Food for
Kings - Jimmy Moran's
Restaurant - 809 St. Louis
Street, New Orleans; 1952.
Women's Club Molasses
Locock's Cough Elixir, 1884
The ad reads:  "There is no
disease which demands closer
attention that a cold.  At first it
seems trifling, but if allowed to
run on it frequently terminates in
consumption.  For the treatment
of coughs, colds, hoarseness,
bronchitis, sore throat,
whooping cough and croup,
there is no more valuable
remedy than Locock's Cough
Elixir.  It is not an opiate and can
be given with perfect safety to
children.  Manufactured by I. L.
Lyons & Co., New Orleans."