Carrollton Avenue:
Oak Street to Earhart
On the left, Gravois Pharmacy, 1957..
Above, Gravois, when it was Reund Drugs, ca. 1928.
Below, the building as it looks today.
Above, K & B, in what looks to be the 1940's or '50's, when it was still
on the river side of Claiborne.  By the 1960's, it had moved to the
lake side of Claiborne - see photo below from the 1970's.
Lafayette Elementary School, ca. 1925.
Notre Dame Seminary, ca. 1925
St. Charles streetcar, Carrollton Avenue, near Claiborne, 1940's
Above, Ye Olde College Inn sign; directly below, the restaurant as it looked
before the levee failures; bottom photo, as it looks today.
The lions guarding Pritchard Place.
Above, entrance to Palmer Park, Carrollton and Claiborne,
ca. 1947;  two photos below, Palmer Park today.
Above, Carrollton & Nelson Street, 1940's, before fire station was
constructed; directly below, 1970; second photo below, as it looks today.
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Thanks to Mark Seymour for several of the photos on this page.

Carrollton Avenue:  Earhart to Tulane Avenue
Carrollton Avenue:  Tulane Avenue to City Park

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Cloverland Dairy cart delivers milk to a house on Carrollton, date unknown.
Nix Library, 1960's