Carrollton Avenue:
Earhart to Tulane Avenue
I've divided Carrollton Avenue into sections.  Links to other
sections are included at the bottom of this page.
Jim's Fried Chicken and Jerry's Fried Chicken restaurants, next door
to each other, near Palmetto Street, 1950; below, a closer look.
Continuing the chicken theme, Selby's Poultry Market,
1941; notice the Dr. Nut soft drink sign.
Waldo Burton Memorial Home for Boys, above, about 1930; below, 2013.
3600 block of S. Carrollton, strip mall with Kogos Bros. Seafood, Harry's Shoe
Store, Tip Top Shoe Service, a laundromat and McKenzie's Bakery; above and
directly below, about 1950; second photo below, the site as it looks today.
The same shopping strip can be seen to the left in the photo below, with the
sign on the right announcing that a new K
&B Drugstore would soon be built.
3600 block, across the street from above, shopping square included Staurtz
Sporting Goods, Morgan & Lindsey's and A
&P foodstore; 1940's.
Photo above and two photos below, 3500 S. Carrollton:
Top, early 1940's; middle, late 1940's; bottom, today.
Aerial view of the "new" Carrollton Shopping Center, 1964.
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