The O'Brien Family ~ and the ~ New Orleans Fire Department

Joseph J. O'Brien - the first in
the family to join the New
Orleans Fire Department;  photo
above was taken during the
Spanish American War, 1898.  He
was a member of Co. K, 1st
Regiment, Louisiana Infantry
Volunteers.  He joined the NOFD
in 1903.
Royal Street fire, engines pump from well at Bourbon and Iberville Streets.
Stoker O'Brien stands next to the wheel at right.
See another photo & clipping:  "Fire Chiefs Cited for Work in Grain Firm Blaze"
"Certificates of merit are awarded by Mayor Chep Morrison and Commissioner of Public
Safety Bernard J. McCloskey (far left) to Capt. Edward J. O'Brien (center), John J.
McGaw and John M. Noonan of the fire department for their action at recent blazes.  At
far right is acting chief Pat Burke, who recommended the men for recognition."
"November 13, 1952 - Pipe from Dredge "Omega" in Industrial Canal flooding
Seabrook tract (now Gentilly Woods) underground fire.  This picture taken at
France and Morrison Roads at the Levee.  Requested by Mayor Morrison."
Clipping on photo at
right reads:  "With Fire
Superintendent Howard
Dey on vacation and his
assistant Pat Burke
convalescing after
surgery, the NOFD has
put in its second string.  
District Chief Edward
O'Brien is acting
Superintendent, with
Gerald Sumners his
assistant.  (Incidentally,
these fire-fighters are
heirs apparent in the
jobs they're holding at
the moment.)
White helmet, Chief O'Brien; to the right, firefighter
Walter Crimmens; 2911 N. Rampart Street, 9-1-65
Edward O'Brien - Last fire, Hibernia Bank
Building, Carondelet Street, 1-8-66
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Chief Edward O'Brien, as a child, with his dad, Joseph O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien, 4th from left;
Engine 5, Ladder 2;  Magazine Street
Joseph O'Brien, far right;
Engine 4;  724 Foucher Street
Joseph O'Brien;  Engine 4; 724 Foucher Street;
(Fire house burned down 2/26/1905, rebuilt 1906.)
Joseph O'Brien, 2nd from right;
Engine 4;  724 Foucher Street
Chief O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien;  Engine
4;  Foucher Street
Joseph O'Brien
(Boston Club, Canal Street)
Joseph O'Brien
District Chief Edward O'Brien
Far left, Chief O'Brien; 3rd from left, District Chief Allian; 5th from left, Councilman Victor Schiro
Asst. Superintendent O'Brien
District Chief O'Brien
Left, Chief O'Brien, right, Chaplin Father Lux
Center, white helmet, Chief O'Brien
Chief O'Brien laying on sidewalk after injuries
sustained when the building collapsed.
Left to right:  Walter Crimmens, Eddie
O'Brien, Jr., Jerry Noonan, Capt. Engelbracht
Chief O'Brien at top of ladder
Firefighter Eddie O'Brien with dad,
Chief O'Brien, as he recovers from
injuries at Mercy Hospital.
215 Poydras fire, December 5, 1962, 20 firemen injured