The O'Brien Family ~ and the ~ New Orleans Fire Department

Images from the career of Edward J. O'Brien
Farewell address to staff, Central Fire Station
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L to R:  Chief O'Brien, Chief Authur Heyd, Ret. Chief
Pat Burke, unknown, Captain Victor Mahne
Standing, Chief O'Brien; to the right, Chief
Heyd, Police Chief Joseph Giarrusso
Engine 8, New Station
District Chief O'Brien
Firemen's Ball - Left: Chief O'Brien & Margurite O'Brien; Right: Chief & Mrs. O'Brien
with daughters, Pat & Joan; at right, in background, their son-in-law, Bob Dunn
Chief Howard Dey and Asst. Chief O'Brien
Chief and Mrs. O'Brien
Chief O'Brien (right) with his two
daughters, Pat and Joan, and Chief Dey
Asst. Chief O'Brien
L to R:  Chief Sumner, unknown, Capt. McCrossen,
Victor Schiro, Chief Heyd, Chief O'Brien
Engine 38, Chief O'Brien,
Dedication Address
Chief Dey and Asst. Chief O'Brien
L, Chief & Mrs. Sumner;
R, Chief & Mrs. O'Brien
Firemen's Ball - L, Chief & Mrs. Edward
O'Brien; R, Mr. & Mrs. Eddie O'Brien, Jr.
Rescue Awards - L to R:  Chief Heyd,
Firefighter Eddie O'Brien, Victor Schiro,
Asst. Chief O'Brien
Asst. Chief O'Brien and Chief Dey
L to R:  Chief Heyd, Deputy Chief Sumner,
Asst. Chief O'Brien
Deputy Chief Sumner & Chief O'Brien
Retirement Day - L to R:  Deputy Chief & Mrs.
Sumner, Chief & Mrs. O'Brien, Chief Heyd
Chief Dey's retirement - L to R:  Deputy
Sumner, Chief Dey, Asst. Chief O'Brien