Carmichaels Buried in Gillett Cemetery
Karnes County, Texas
With appreciation to cousin, Shari, for her kindness in sharing the pictures on the top half of this page---and for locating my illusive Daniel Carmichael on a Karnes County census.  Thank you, Shari!!  If you have Fairlys or Curries in your family tree and would like to get in touch with Shari, she'd love to hear from you.
I'm indebted, also, to cousin, David Fairly, who shared the photos on the bottom half of the page.  It was through David that I first learned that many of my Carmichaels had gone to Karnes County, TX, after leaving Jefferson County, MS some time before 1880. 
David would, also, appreciate hearing from fellow descendants and family members.  Nancy
My 2-g-grandparents, Daniel and Nancy McCormick Carmichael, migrated from Marion County, SC, first, to Autagua County, AL; then to Jefferson County, MS, where Nancy's siblings, John McCormick and Mary McCormick Davis, had settled earlier.  The information on Daniel and Nancy found in both the McCormick and Carmichael family histories (
My Clan of McCormicks and The Highlander Carmichaels of the Carolinas) is the same and  must have come from the same source.  Among the info stated is that Daniel and Nancy lived out their lives in Jefferson County, MS.  Believing this to be true, I've searched for a long (long!) time for their burial places in that county, with no success.  Thanks to Shari, I now know that Daniel moved to Karnes County, Texas, along  with his children.  Because of the date of Nancy Carmichael's death and the date of the census where Daniel was found as a widower, I don't yet know if Nancy made the trip to Karnes County, too, or if she died before Daniel moved to Texas.  Since I haven't found a burial place for Nancy in MS and since Daniel is living in a home of his own in TX, my guess is that Nancy may have died after they arrived in Texas.  Shari didn't see their tombstones in Gillett Cemetery, where their children and grandchildren are buried, however, her trip was cut short and she's hoping to go again soon.  She did notice that there are some graves whose markers are no longer there.  I've tried to find them for so long.....I hope, if not their tombstones, I'll be able to find some records one day to indicate where their gravesites are.  If you have any information about Daniel and Nancy, I'd very much appreciate hearing from you!  Nancy
Daniel and Nancy's sons & my g-grandmother, Flora Carmichael Garrett's brothers:
On left: In Memory of Daniel Washington Carmichael, March 20, 1845 - April 22, 1902
On right: In Memory of E.
[Evander] J. Carmichael, November 18, 1831 - February 16, 1901 [02?]
Mary P. Carmichael, March 16, 183_ - October_3, 1902
(Shari's grandson, Charlie, is the sweet little guy peeking from behind the stone.)
George Otis Carmichael, February 7, 1902 - October 29, 1994
Daniel and Nancy's son & my g-grandmother, Flora Carmichael Garrett's brother:
[John] B. [Brown] Carmichael, Sr., Co K 1 MISS LT ART, CSA, February 9, 1844 - May 12, 1926
John Beuran Carmichael, October 18, 1912 - October 20, 1912
Maggie M. Carmichael, May 16, 1879 - February 16, 1950
John B. Carmichael, 1876 - 1945, Father
Lillian Carmichael, 1878 - 1928, Mother
Daniel and Nancy's daughter & my g-grandmother, Flora Carmichael Garrett's sister:
[Carmichael] Fairly, March 14, 1836 - October 30, 1921, Mother
Archie and Rebecca Carmichael Fairly's son:
D. H. Fairly, 1870 - 1936, Father
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